Primal is guided-adventure service brand that is marketed towards nature lovers who want to take camping to the extreme, and gain the skills need to live primitively in the wild.

Project Description

Before the invention of crafted tools and weapons, humans used to rely on the resources in their environment for food, shelter, and protection. Through a series of different levels, users venture into the wild to a variety of predetermined remote locations, and learn the skills needed for survival such as making fire or crafting weapons from found minerals. With the progression of each level, users are given more advanced tasks to increase their chances of survival. By the end of the program, users are sent to an extremely isolated environment where their skills are put to the test.

Survival Guides

Members are given three survival guides that will serve as their main source of educational material for surviving in the wild. Each guide focuses on one of the three main skillsets required for primitive living.

Toolmaking Guide – Covers a variety of available natural materials used to make tools, and different methods to create resourceful objects.

Firemaking Guide — Teaches users the basic chemistry of what is needed to generate fire. In this guide, you’ll learn what makes good tinder and fuel, and different contraptions used to generate heat.

Sheltermaking Guide — Uses the skills previously earned in the Toolmaking guide to find materials and fabricate a shelter that can protect you from the environment.


Members can check out the Primal website for more information on the the program, the survival guides, and the locations of upcoming trips.

For more information on the the program, the survival guides, and the locations for trips, members can check out the desktop website.